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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Division Day 10/30

Before I went to Apes & Androids on Monday night I stopped by Pianos for Division Day. We here at BSC like Division Day but we've never had the pleasure of seeing them live. The main reason for that is the fact that they never played in NYC before.

I was really impressed with the band. They have a very upbeat sound live and really bust their asses. The drummer was particularly impressive. He was playing very aggressively, which wouldn't seem to work with a band like Division Day but somehow it did.

Division Day was really good and I would love to see them play somewhere else. I feel like Pianos is kind of a stale venue - too many biz peeps. Anyway, keep an eye out for these guys.


Anonymous said...

They did play another venue. Union Hall on Friday night. Place was packed, a really fun night and a terrific bill (The Changes, The Isles, Kunek).

... said...

Yeah, they actually played 4 shows during CMJ week. I meant next time they play a normal show, since CMJ tends to be a bit hectic.

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