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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dead Child 11/15

Last night I was invited out to see a band called Dead Child. I think it features one of the dudes from Early Man or something like that. I listened to a couple of MP3's and decided I'd give it a chance.

I got to the Knitting Factory right at 10PM, which is when they were scheduled to go on. Of course they didn't go on until about 15 minutes after 10. So I only got to hear 3 songs but I think that was all I needed to hear to pass judgement.

Dead Child is what I think people mean when they say "hipster metal". It was what metal would sound like if non-metalheads did a spoof of metal. It was like every metal cliche rolled into one and it wasn't terribly good, or funny. I honestly couldn't tell if they were serious or being ironic. The riffs were the easiest power chord palm mute shit I have EVER heard. Considering I grew up a metalhead I've heard my fair share of half ass riffing.

Now the question is "did they suck?". The answer is no, they didn't suck but I wouldn't recommend seeing them. They kinda sound like a decent quality high school metal band. It really amazes me that indie people are into dumbed down metal like this when they take such pride in the cerebral nature of indie rock. Go see Lamb Of God if you want to hear metal.


Anonymous said...

kudos on the Lamb of God comment.

Anonymous said...

Early Man are good.

Kenneth said...

You hit the nail right on the head. Hipster Metal. True metal fans listened to metal when ruled the world, and even when it wasn't cool to be into metal. Now, Metal is making a comeback, and every hipster wannabe will be sportin' their vintage Metallica and Slayer t-shirts that they paid 100 bucks for. Put a band on TOuch and Go or Quarterstick, and watch the indie sheep eat it up. Everybody wants to be so unique. Rant about corporate America while suckin' down a Coors and firing up a Marlboro. But don't go to Starbucks, go to your local coffee shop. I hate the word "indie"

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