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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

CMJ - Thursday (Apes, Lips, Bronson, Russia)

I'm finally getting around to my post CMJ coverage, sorry for the delay. On Wednesday I started off my night at Studio B in Greenpoint. There was an awesome line-up which included We Are Wolves, French Kicks, Thuderbirds Are Now!, Tokyo Police Club, and my boys Apes And Androids. Of course I was there for A&A (third night that week) and they delivered.

They left out all of the theatrics and just played. At first the crowd didn't seem to give a fuck but about 3 songs into the set I saw a few people dancing and everyone was bobbing their heads. When they played "Hot Kathy" anyone who had any doubts about these guys was obviously satisfied. They played an awesome set (which included some acapella Bel Biv Devoe) and made many new fans.

Normally I would have stayed at a show with such a killer line-up but the Black Lips were playing Sin-e and I had to run. After an impossibly long train ride I finally got to Sin-e just before the Black Lips took the stage. Unfortunately for me I was still outside in line. After about 15 minutes of not budging I got pissed and left. By that point they started already anyway.

After that I headed over to Mercury Lounge for Archie Bronson Outfit and Forward Russia. I've been looking forward to hearing Archie Bronson and god damn did they deliver. I was surprised by how damn hard these guys rock out. They have an early nineties Nirvana/Soundgarden thing going on, not so much in sound but for sure in energy. I really can't even properly explain how good they were.

Next up was Forward Russia. I've seen them before and I love their stage presence. Plus they are lots of fun to take pictures of - the singer doesn't stop moving around. Before they went on the drummer chick was standing next to me talking to her friend. She was saying how she had to start wearing a sports bra because when she wore a regular bra the strap would break and her tits would fly out of her shirt. So to aspiring female drummers - get a sports bra, unless you have a Courtney Love complex.

Anyway, Forward Russia took the stage and played a fantastic set. They are lots of fun to watch but honestly it's a bit repetitive musically. If you've seen these guys once then you'll never have to see them again since the show was almost identical to the last time I saw them.

I was tired when Forward Russia finished up but I had heard that the Black Lips were playing the Vice after party at 2AM. I decided to head over to Cake Shop and hang out until two. When I got their I walked in and was stopped at the door and asked if I was on the list - I wasn't, so I had to leave. The guy told me I could call someone inside to let me in but I didn't know anyone inside. Well, actually I did but not anyone who's phone number I had. I'm pretty sure Black Lips didn't play anyway so it wasn't a big deal.

So that was Wednesday night in a very hastily written summary.

Apes And Androids @ Studio B


Full Set on BSC Flickr

Archie Bronson Outfit @ Merc Lounge


Forward Russia @ Merc lounge


Archie & Russia Full Photo Set On BSC Flickr

Dart For My Sweetheart - Archie Bronson Outfit
Four - Forward Russia

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