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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

"While My Guitar Gently Weeps"

My absolute favorite Beatles song performed by Petty, Prince, and many other all-stars. I know this is old but I just stumbled upon it and it's fan-fucking-tabulous. Seriously, I think I might like it better then the original version. I know that's blasphemy but it's up there.


Anonymous said...

not that good. prince overplays, like a guy with something to prove.

Anonymous said...

Oh contrare, Prince has an unorthadox style. People's perseption of Prince shadows his guitar brilliance. So what if he's a little flambouyant who isnt in the entertainment world. In my opinion Prince did a awesome job and is and under rated guitarist.

Anonymous said...

That's George Harrison's kid on the right playing acoustic guitar. Pretty nice performance too!

snakeflake said...

I saw this when the RRHOF aired on TV. I was never a Prince fan and didn't even know he played a guitar. I was impressed. You Tube has removed the clip from their site and I would like to get it. Anyone know where I can get the clip?

Adam Collado said...


You can find it on Brightcove:

That solo is amazing no matter how many times I hear it.

Anonymous said...

More than good! Prince rocked the RRHOF and YES that particular performance was over the top and EXACTLY what was needed.

As over the top as Prince can be, he can be just as tender on guitar where the notes played are so soft till it makes u want to slap somebody!

He does all kinds of things on guitar, if u haven't been to one of his concerts, if nothing else... purchase a ticket and see what you can see.

Snakeflake, I don't know where you live or your age but didn't think you had to be a fan to know Prince played guitar, I would like to know when did you first hear about or see Prince and how come you never noticed a guitar strapped to his ass? :)

Take care guys,


snakeflake said...

I am not sure if I had ever seen Prince perform up until then. I had hard songs on the radio.

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