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Monday, November 27, 2006

John Joseph - "The Evolution of a Cro-Magnon"

John Joseph is the singer of hardcore legends Cro-Mags and currently sings for Fearless Vampire Killers. John Joseph recently wrote a book called "The Evolution of a Cro-Magnon" if you don't have time to read it download this file and give it a listen. Warning: it's 4 hours long.


Anonymous said...

this is either brilliant or the dumbest thing ever... think about it...can't read? noprob...give it a listen.
wanna read something, how about some info from the guy who lied about being in the army/navy/ whatever.

I love Cro-mags but pls.

Anonymous said...

What makes you think he lied about being in the navy?

This is a masterpiece. Like a mix of get in the van by rollins and basketball diaries by jim carroll.

I listened to all 4 hours in one day. I couldn't stop listening. Compelling stuff. Never boring.

Again... a masterpiece!

Anonymous said...

Just finished listening to this.


Can't wait for the book, since almost all audio books are abridged.

Shadow sounds like one of Harley's compadres. Just another "hater", jealous that people actually think of JJ when they think Cro-Mags and not Harley.

Buy this BOOK!

CW said...

The first disc is just hot air... who cares about JJ's childhood? It's almost unlistenable. Let's face it: All we want to hear is him talking about Harley. The Mags had ONE GOOD ALBUM. It's not like this is the Lennon talking shit about McCartney... it's the Cro Mags! So finally we get to it and its a bunch of whining. I thought he was above all this? Are you telling me he wrote an entire book/CD about his beef with Harley? Yes he did. Again, who cares? Did this guy do ANYTHING interesting or meaningful with his life other than beat people up and scream into the mic? The name dropping is absurd... especially since the names he drops are mostly unknowns. The last 3 disks are about JJ's problem with Harley, Chris Williamson and Parris and just about everyone else. The best part is where he basically states that Parris is a dick because he isn't as tough as John or Harley! Then of course is the obligatory "Holier than thou" part where he is above all this shit (you mean the shit I just listened to for 4 hours?) and how we should follow him to happier pastures.
What humility!

Anonymous said...

AOQ may be the best hardcore songs ever recorded (yes, better than bad brains or black flag). Fuck it, i'll give this a spin and be happy with whatever I get. Harley really is a top tier douchebag.

Anonymous said...

hey !
are you able to re-upload this file ? i would really want to download and listen to it.

Anonymous said...

Actually, he was in the navy. I knew him when he was.

Anonymous said...

Funny huh, only faggots join the navy, I guess that's why he's so ready to fight.....his way out of a closet. Has he ever been with a female? Nope.... CRO-FAG!

Anonymous said...

He's been with a female...I recollect some nice times with him...

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