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Saturday, August 07, 2010

11th Annual Gathering Of The Juggalos, Aug. 12-15th

It's my favorite time of the year! It's time for the Gathering Of The Juggalos, which means a new infomercial. If you remember last year's then you know why I'm excited. While the 2010 version probably won't get spoofed by SNL, it's still pretty awesome.



The Gathering is a huge festival organized by Insane Clown Posse that happens out in the woods somewhere in the Midwest. It's basically a meeting ground where every bored, suburban, wanna-be gangster kid from malls across America gather for four days of clown makeup, drugs, carnival games, wrestling, breeding and head banging to 90's rap like Insane Clown Posse, Naughty By Nature, Coolio, Warren G, Twiztid, Tone Loc, Vanilla Ice and literally hundreds more, most of whom are ICP copy cats (I know). There's also some nu-metal surprises like (Hed)PE. There's also crazy shit like Todd Bridges ("whatchu talkin' bout Willis") wrestling, yup he's wrestling, and comedy from "Gallagher, up in this bitch yo." As terrifying as this all might sound I look forward to attending one year because sometimes ridiculous shit like this entertainment gold. 

Jesus H. Christ, fucking Juggalos, man. 

I repeat, THIS IS REAL.

God bless America.


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