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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tonight: Morgan O'Kane @ Grand St. Billiards (Free Show)

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Some of you already know this but I had knee surgery two weeks ago. As such, my nightlife activities have been limited to...well, nothing. I haven't been out since surgery simply because getting around hurts. Today I needed to get out of the house so I went for a "walk," which is limited to about 2 blocks from my apartment. As I was passing my gym a punky looking chick came out with a sign.

The sign said "Tonight Morgan O'Kane. Free Show, starts at 8pm. $3 PBR+whiskey special. $4 Wells." First off, fuck yeah cheap as shit booze! Second, fuck yeah rowdy bluegrass folk music! And finally...wait, what? The show was happening at the pool hall above the gym. I went inside to inquire and was told the pool hall is under new management and tonight was their first show. Yeah, buddy! I love when shows feature excellent talent, cheap booze and are within crutchin' distance. I will be there with bells on.

Grand Street Billiards

**If you haven't figured it out yet Morgan O'Kane is that dude that plays banjo in Union Square all the time and has huge crowds surrounding him. He's fucking killer.

Morgan O'Kane
@ Grand Street Billiards (750 Grand St.)
$3 PBR+shot, $4 wells

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