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Monday, August 02, 2010

Ben Talmi - For The Dreamers EP

I finally had some time to dig through my inbox and listen to some new tunes. The very first email I opened was about some kid from Boston named Ben Talmi. The email states that he recorded the album with only an acoustic guitar, a piano, voice and a moog. Frankly, the type of music that I imagine based on that description isn't even worth giving a glance but I got time this week.

The first song I heard was "Scales Of A Fish In The Sky" which starts out sounding all acoustic but then this hard beat and electro elements come in and then layers of vocals and moog. It's surprising and instantly makes you interested in hearing more. On the other hand you've got "You're Lucky" which starts out with a synthy sound from the get go.

The EP has five tracks and at different points in the album you are reminded of a wide array of artists ranging from MIA to Sleigh Bells to Totally Michael to Freelance Whales and maybe even a little Beatles in there. Frankly, I'm surprised this dude isn't already on your playlist but maybe that's because the poor guy is in Boston. This is the kinda shit that would take about 5 minutes to gain a following in NYC. But then again it's one dude, who knows how well he can recreate the sound live or if it's fun to watch.

Either way the album is certainly worth a listen. You can download it for free from Bandcamp

Listen & Download for FREE:


Wells said...

Woah! whats up Dinosaur Feathers meets Dan Deacon? This is pretty sweet. With some backing musicians to play drums, synth and bass and some practice it could be a pretty fresh live show... maybe

... said...

Yeah, seems tough to pull off solo but would be great with a few extra hands.

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