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Monday, August 23, 2010

Cerebral Ballzy On NME Top 50 List

Last week or so NME released it's top 50 bands of 2010. There were a few NYC bands that one might expect to be on there like Freelance Whales, Sleigh Bells and The Drums. What got us totally stoked was to see our homeboys Cerebral Ballzy on the list at number 22! Now don't get us wrong, Ballzy is fucking rad and deserve it as much, or more, than the others. We just didn't think NME was down with grimy, Brooklyn punk bands. Who knew? Anyway, congrats to Cerebral Ballzy who, coincidentally, have been killing it over in the UK for the past few weeks. I guess the NME staff were raging at one of the shows.


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