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Friday, August 27, 2010

Spirit Family Reunion Playing Tonight + MP3 (Free Download)

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About a week ago I saw Spirit Family Reunion for the first time. They went from being completely off my radar to one of my favorite Brooklyn bands after only hearing one or two songs live. Tonight they're playing Zebulon in Brooklyn with Morgan O'Kane, who they played with last time. Morgan O'Kane is more than worth coming out for alone, the dude is brilliant on a banjo, so coupled with Spirit Family Reunion I don't think you can miss this shindig.

If you're a fan of Forest City, O'Death, The Goddamn Rattlesnake or any other Brooklyn band rooted in folk, bluegrass, country or any other Americana roots music you'll love this band. They have a way of taking you straight out of Brooklyn and bringing you right to Appalachia. Seeing Spirit Family Reunion live is like going on a 30-minute vacation to place where life is simple and sweet.



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Anonymous said...

Nice! For you SFR fans, Mat "Twain" Davidson, (their fiddler, accordianist) is a member of the Low Anthem, on tour with Emmylou Harris in Nov. He also has a new solo album out at
Beautiful music!

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