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Monday, August 09, 2010

Gunfight Album, Frontier Land (Free MP3)

Frontier Land

One of my favorite Brooklyn bands, Gunfight!, recently released an album called Frontier Land. If you've had the pleasure of seeing these guys live then you'll recognize most of the songs on the album. The recording does a pretty good job of capturing the essence of their live shows. Considering they're one of the absolute best live bands in Brooklyn that's a good thing. If you want to check them out in action they're playing Cameo on August 21st.

The last time we saw Gunfight! was at a loft party with Hank & Cupcakes at the infamous McKibbin Lofts. As always the whole place erupted during Gunfight's set. Literally every single person in the room was dancing and passing around bottles of booze and just going apeshit. I've been to lots of Gunfight! shows and this happens every time, even at square joints like Crash Mansion (check out the video below from a Ski Club show at Crash Mansion, at about 1:54 we get a crowd shot of everyone dancing). Again, you have to go see these guys play live.

In the meantime you can purchase the 12 track album from Amazon for $8.99. And if you're strapped for cash or just want a freebie we've got a free MP3 download of "Woof/Howl."



Pics from the McKibbin Loft show I mentioned


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whoa i want to go a gunfight show now!

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