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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Previously Unreleased Pantera Track Surfaces "The Will To Survive"

Pantera is working on some deluxe edition albums and has apparently dug up a bunch of old unreleased tracks. "The Will To Survive" comes from the Cowboys From Hell sessions and it's fucking awesome! You can stream it on Facebook (link below).

It's obvious why they cut it though. Pantera was in the middle of a makeover during the CFH days. They wanted to ditch their roots as a high pitch, glam metal band (yes, they were totally glam at one point) and establish themselves amongst the whiskey drinking, tattoo'd maniac bands like Slayer. They succeeded a thousandfold at this, mostly by ditching tunes like "The Will To Survive". But that doesn't mean the songs weren't totally bad ass. In fact this track has the heaviness of a CFH track but with the vocal style of their earlier stuff, which overall gives it an almost Iron Maiden / Judas Priest type of feel.

Pay close attention and you'll even hear the riff from "This Love" in there!


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