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Monday, August 23, 2010

American Fangs (Free MP3)

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I got an email about American Fangs a couple of weeks ago. I almost didn't listen because the logo and language gave a distinctly emo/screamo/pop punk kinda vibe. But the dudes in the band photo didn't really look like emo pussies so I gave it a go. Well, it turns out that while there are traces of pop punk, American Fangs are way more on par with a band like The Bronx. Like The Bronx, these dudes could easily share a stage with shitty Warped Tour bands but could also go the other way and open for, say, the Fucked Up's of the world.

American Fangs are in town on October 5th with Four Year Strong and The Wonder Years, who suck, but also with Comeback Kid, who are mostly awesome. See, basically this tour is exactly what I was saying.



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