Buzzed Bands Podcast, Ep. 2 w/ Cold Blood Club

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tonight: Smell The Glove @ St. Jerome's (Open Bar, No Cover)

The best party in town is tonight at St. Jerome's. Why is it the best you ask? Well, it's simple - it's my party! We've been throwing Smell The Glove since March and it just gets better and better every time. If you haven't attended yet, STG is a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the glory days of hair metal and hard rock. We'll drink hard all night to fist pumping jams by AC/DC, Motley Crue, Guns N' Roses, Motorhead, New York Dolls, Twisted Sister and late night we'll thrown in some heavier shit like Maiden and Sabbath. The last few parties have been jam packed all night so don't fucking miss it!

Oh, and MyOpenBar, FreeNYC, Broke Ass Stuart and Booze Party say you should come party at STG too! This will be the last Smell The Glove until October, we're taking off September, so you better be there.


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