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Friday, August 06, 2010

Bruise Cruise Festival, Miami to Bahamas (Bands, Food, Booze...About $700!?)

A booze cruise to the Bahamas from Miami with the Black Lips, Vivian Girls, Thee Oh Sees and a bunch of other bands, Jonathan Toubin DJing, open bars, food and gambling sounds pretty awesome. You know why? Because it's un-fucking-believably awesome.

The problem is it costs about $700 for the 3-day bash. Oh, and that's not including transportation down there and most of the booze (there are a few open bars packaged in though). When all is said and done you're looking at about $1,100, not to mention all the dough you'll blow at the craps table. 

The festival is February 25-28th and they're only letting 400 people aboard. You'll literally be partying on a fucking boat in the Bahamas with some of your favorite bands for three days. I'm not sure I could handle more than three days of that but at the same time I could go to Mexico for a week with less cash than what this will run ya'. I love the idea - it's brilliant, but I hate the price tag. The rich kids that get to go are lucky little shits.

Anybody got a guestlist? 

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